ChartDirector for .NET
for Windows

Professional .NET Chart and Graph Component for ASP.NET and Windows Forms

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ChartDirector for .NET Description

ChartDirector is a powerful charting component for creating professional and clickable charts for ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications. It's unique layering architecture enables you to synthesize the charts you want using standard chart layers.
NET Specific Features
100% Managed Code
ChartDirector for .NET is written in 100% managed code. It is not a wrapper for COM or ActiveX. No registration or copying DLLs to system32 is required to use ChartDirector.
100% CLR Compliant
ChartDirector for .NET is 100% CLR compliant, which means it will work any .NET languages.
Strongly Named and Non-Strongly Named Versions
ChartDirector assemblies are available in both strongly named and non-strongly named versions for different installation and security needs.
Visual Studio .NET Integration
Includes Windows Forms and Web Forms controls. Integrates with the Intellisense, Dynamic Help, F1 context sensitive help, and the help index and search system of Visual Studio .NET. Links to related ChartDirector documentation will show up in the Dynamic Help window as the developer types or places cursor on source code.
Comprehensive Documentation
Over 1000 pages of fully indexed and searchable documentation, with numerous sample code and examples.
* Supports both gridded data and scattered data.
* The x, y and z axes can be numeric, date/time, or enumerated (label based).
* Supports linear and spline surface interpolation for producing smooth surfaces.
* Configurable elevation and rotation angles.
* Configurable perspective effects.
* Configurable ambient, Diffuse and specular lighting effects.
* The front and back sides of the surface can use different lighting effects.
* Supports continuous and discrete coloring of z levels.
* Configurable Grid and Contour lines on the surface. Line styles and custom mark lines are supported.
* Supports rendering of wireframes.
* Configurable walls for the 3D plot region.

ChartDirector for .NET Screenshots

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What's New in ChartDirector for .NET 5.0

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ChartDirector for .NET Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, 2000, 98

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

Quick Specifications

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